The session:

you will receive from me : CD cover, personalized CD,  my handmade albums: ( more: FB ) 

I have also offered a voucher

~ for regular customers special discount
~ newborn & portrait sessions in studio, other shooting on location.

more info send me message (below)

Step 1:
Set session time with me (send a message or Facebook).

Step 2:
I require £30 non-refundable deposit paid at the time of booking, but deducted from the whole
cost session, which can be via paypal.
The remaining fee will be due at the time of your session.
 paypal, to: annpol7@wp.pl

Step 3:
The session takes place at home or be outdoors.
Photoshoots about 1 hour, depending on the session and the child. At a session with an infant,
a newborn session be extended 3-5 hours.

Step 4:
It's two weeks about the way you will get email from me suggestions and thumbnails of photos from the session to view and select-shots.
Canvas and additional larger sizes, the payment at the time of ordering.

When it comes to reportage term may be a little extended.

Asked question is: How to clothes for sessions?
There is the possibility of selection of all sorts of gadgets for the session, especially the youngest children.
Oldest, most likely they feel in their own costumes, so dress for details and possible additives is best to take care on their own. Of course, if necessary, serve you with instructions.
A good idea is to prepare for sessions taking your favorite toys. You can take some crisps ... or lollipop ...
depending on what your child likes to ...

Next question: What determines the session time?
As for the sessions with the children, then I would like to first get used your baby presence , relaxed atmosphere.
It is also important that you do not stress session is not processed in an atmosphere of nervous,
because the lack of time, etc.
The most beautiful photo of naturalness arise, and that your child behave naturally, it takes time,
sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes it takes longer. It all depends on your baby.

Another question: Why should I pay a deposit?
A deposit reserve my time for you and your sessions